A little about me

Real estate has been a fun journey for me! I bought my first home in 2015 in my hometown of Gardner, KS. I knew nothing about real estate at the time and was not in the business, but I knew I absolutely loved getting to preview properties and dream of how I could turn a crummy, old house into a cozy, trendy home. Over the course of a month, I dragged my realtor to EVERY house that hit the market in my price range. I was hesitant to buy any of them because I knew that if I decided on one, it would mean this new, favorite hobby of mine would end. It would mean no more home searching. No more daydreaming. I never wanted the searching and dreaming to stop, so I decided to make a career out of it! Now I get to search and daydream with my own clients…coming up with ideas for how they could turn a simple property into a home they love. Since 2015, I’ve dreamed up 5 of my own homes, and have helped so many others dream up their own place to call home! Some of my properties I’ve kept as investment properties, and some of them I’ve sold. Buying, selling, investing, renovating…I’ve done it all! No matter what your dream in real estate happens to be, I’d love to be a part of it!

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